Key Management

Gary R Markham

Co-founder & CEO

Philip Knight

Chief Product Officer

Darin Milman

Business Development Executive

Our team

We have a team of skilled individuals working on aXpire.

Anil Panda

Technology Advisor

Sojanlal PS

DLT Development Lead

Sankar Das G

Lead Product Architect

In-House Developers

Working alongside LSG,
LLC on aXpire

Advisory Board

Our advisors allow us access to invaluable experience and expertise.

Roger Ver Blockchain Advisor

Mate Tokay Blockchain Advisor

Struan McKenzie

Nobu Business Strategy Advisor

Mark Brennan

Ascendant Resources Business Strategy Advisor

Matt Nacier

FinIndustrial Asset Management Advisor

Matt Markham

BlockchainWarehouse Business Advisor

Jessica Margiotta

Investment Management Firm Asset Management Advisor

Chris Khan

DKPL Technology Advisor

Shingo Lavine

Ethos Technology Advisor

Adrian Guttridge

BlockchainWarehouse Technology Advisor

Gina Papush

QBE Insurance Group Data Analytics Advisor

James Maxwell

Marketing Advisor

Joakim Hjønnevåg

Marketing Strategy Advisor

Tristan Bieleveld

Community Manager

Paul Li

Asia-Pacific Advisor

Alessandro Di Maria

Community Management Advisor

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